UCB is committed to creating a positive impact in the global communities where patients live their life.


UCB Belgium created a platform for colleagues to engage in volunteering activities offered by local NGO’s in Belgium. The objective of U-Volunteer is to provide colleagues with experiences that will change their mindset regarding the issues at hand.

Volunteers from UCB, Burkina Faso (photo)

Volunteers from UCB, Burkina Faso

Valentine and Eric, UCB (photo)

Valentine and Eric, UCB

Nadia, Eric, Vanja, UCB (photo)

Nadia, Eric and Vanja, UCB

This year, seven colleagues joined the Koudougou initiative in Burkina Faso. Koudougou, created by two UCB colleagues, assists widows and orphans in remote villages in Teenbo and Wappasi with farming and the education of children. This year’s visit was exceptional as participants experienced first-hand the impact and importance of access to farming equipment, the use of a warehouse, drinkable water, and educaton for children.

Volunteer Fair

Over 400 people attended the Volunteer Fair at the Atlanta and RTP sites where numerous volunteer initiatives were presented. Here, colleagues found an opportunity to discuss with local representatives the impact of their participation to the people being served.

People attending the volunteer fair (icon)People attending the volunteer fair (icon)

> 400

People attended the Volunteer Fair at the Atlanta and RTP sites

Green Planet Day

Dr. JC van Ypersele de Strihou, a world expert on the integrated assessment of climate change and former Vice-Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, provided insights to reducing CO2-emissions, and over 400 employees attended.

Dynamic Team

A team of three UCB employees launched the Dynamic Team to rally colleagues around common needs by raising funds or in-kind donations for different causes, such as refugees or persons living in the periphery of our society or in Africa, amongst many others.