Talent and inclusion

In 2016, UCB colleagues created the ‘Youngsters’ community (‘Millennials’,< 35 years old). Over 200 young and talented colleagues across the organization are part of this engaged group. In Belgium, ‘Youngsters’ strive to create a dynamic and innovative environment where trust, collaboration, and collective intelligence bring value for patients, UCB, and their community. The ‘Youngsters’ initiated four open discussions with members of the Executive Committee as well as three cross-functional business cases on various topics.

Currently they are working on a project with the ‘Baby Boomers’ (> 50 years old) to encourage trans-generational integration, learning and reverse mentoring.

Fabrice Enderlin meeting Youngsters, UCB (photo)

Fabrice Enderlin meeting Youngsters, UCB

Youngters core team (photo)

Youngsters, UCB