Talent, training and knowledge sharing

Eric, UCB (photo)

Eric, UCB

Training initiatives and knowledge sharing are pivotal in the development of our colleagues.

Every year, the training community creates programs targeting personal and technical development to ensure UCB has the essential skills to move forward in our journey to be the patient-preferred biotech leader transforming lives of people living with severe chronic diseases. Training and development is the basis of continuous improvement for our people.

UCB continues to adopt a blended approach to training. While much of the training consists of interactive online training, UCB prefers instructor-led training, on-the-job-coaching and mentoring.

In 2016, UCB invested € 15.9 million in training and development of our colleagues. The average number of training hours per participating employee was 18 hours, representing a total of 137 014 hours, of which, 21 644 hours were spent on Patient Value trainings. A total of 2 920 hours were spent on the Code of Conduct training that includes human rights policies relevant to UCB. The training hours for women and men are 45% and 55% respectively.