Background to the 2016 reporting

In 2016, the scope of the environmental performance reporting changed significantly. Key changes include the divestiture of the Kremers Urban operation in Seymour (U.S.) in November 2015 and of the site in Shannon (Ireland) in May 2016. UCB’s ecological footprint was on the other hand also impacted by increasing production volumes in other manufacturing sites.

UCB prepared a better understanding of the increasingly important environmental footprint upstream and downstream of its operations which will allow us to address the environmental footprint of UCB’s entire value chain. Over 20 contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) reported on key environmental indicators.

Global Supply Chain initiatives for greening the logistical processes are being prioritized. In line with scope-3 reporting, the GHG emissions related to business travel are included in this report.

Patrick, UCB (photo)

Patrick, UCB

Jean-Marie, Luc, Patrick and Stéphanie, UCB (photo)

Jean-Marie, Luc, Patrick and Stéphanie, UCB