Environmental stewardship and sustainability (Material Aspect 3)

Environment, Sustainability and Stewardship (icon)Environment, Sustainability and Stewardship (icon)

UCB is determined to meet the ambitions set forth in the “Paris Agreement” reached at the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties (COP21), as demonstrated through the signing of the ‘Message from Belgian stakeholders in support of the COP21’.

Investigations are underway to further identify and evaluate the environmental impact of our own industrial activities, as well as in those of our partners and suppliers. It is part of UCB’s strategy to significantly reduce Green House Gases emissions and to limit our direct and indirect impact on global warming.

A stringent and comprehensive action plan to become carbon neutral by 2030, including reduction and compensation mechanisms, has been endorsed by the Executive Committee.

Specific targets to reduce water consumption and waste generation have also been approved.