project HOPE – China

project HOPE – China

Dang Ya Qi in Rainbow Bridge family week-end, China (photo)

Dang Ya Qi in Rainbow Bridge family week-end, China

The four-year ‘Rainbow Bridge’ program of the project HOPE partnership with UCB targets pediatric epilepsy care through multiple and integrated interventions, anchored on four target groups. To date, 1 675 health care providers received classroom childhood epilepsy training courses, with over 184 000 children living with epilepsy benefitting from these trainings. Also, 17 022 physicians completed the online neurology course. To date, 1 238 parents attended workshops to discuss their challenges, their emotional and family burden of epilepsy.

Completed online neurology training courses (icon)Completed online neurology training courses (icon)

17 022

Physicians completed online neurology training course

Additionally, the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ family week-end workshops brought together 173 children living with epilepsy and 566 family members. Children enjoy a peaceful week-end, while parents have dedicated time with health care providers. Epilepsy knowledge sharing with school teachers is key as they are accountable for the well-being of children living with epilepsy (and their parents) in the school environment. Workshops brought together 830 teachers as a fourth and last anchor point.

Alexandra, UCB (photo)

‘Through our Rainbow Bridge partnership, we provide “hope” to the hopeless: the many patients and their families living with the burden and associated shame of this heavily stigmatized disease.’

Alexandra, UCB

Peter, UCB (photo)

Peter, UCB

Peter, Amber and Alexandra, UCB (photo)

Peter, Amber and Alexandra, UCB