BDC of Red Cross Society of China – China

BDC of Red Cross Society of China – China

Yang, Red Cross Society, China (photo)

Yang invites Liu Xue to participate in the village doctor training

Providing a knowledge platform to village doctors, the grass-root health care providers in China, is an essential part of the ‘Health and Hope Fund’ partnership between the Business Development Center (BDC) of the Red Cross Society of China and UCB, established in 2013. With training localized in provincial capitals of resource-limited provinces and with the involvement of provincial government, health authorities and academic institutions, a total of 775 village doctors have been trained.

The health burden of the aging population is important world-wide, and the situation in China is no exception.

Village doctors trained (icon)Village doctors trained (icon)


Village doctors have been trained

However, China has the largest elderly population and also one of the most rapidly aging societies in the world, which poses important challenges to sustainable health, economic and social development. With the objective of reducing the training gap, 671 nursing staff of elderly care homes of over 300 counties attended a 12-day training program in Chengde, and 624 nursing home principals attended a 5-day training program in Beijing.

Sean, Renmin University (China) (photo)

‘CSR @ UCB is different. With UCB we get engagement and the sharing of the expertise available in the company’.

Sean, Renmin University (China)

Considering these efforts, the ‘Health and Hope Fund’ will support the ongoing government’s initiative to build a primary health system aimed to provide quality care at community level and in elderly homes.

First aid kits, provided by BDC (photo)

First aid kit, provided by BDC

Village doctor, China (photo)

Village doctor, China

Dr. Li ChunXiang, village doctor, China (photo)

Dr. Li ChunXiang, village doctor, China