Three new partnerships

Uganda – Duke University

Duke University (logo)

The Division of Global Neurosurgery and Neurology (DGNN) of the Department of Neurosurgery of Duke University (Durham, U.S.) will create a Epilepsy Center of Excellence in Uganda.

A multi-disciplinary team will focus on epilepsy treatment for diagnosis and localization of epileptic foci, new equipment for hospitals and outreach diagnosis, training of epilepsy neurologists and technicians in EEG protocols, infrastructure for EEG rooms, and epilepsy training of health care providers including the surgical treatment of epilepsy at the Mulago and Mbarara hospitals. The initiative will start in 2017.

Madagascar – Handicap International

Handicap International (logo)

Handicap International (Brussels, Belgium) will build awareness programs in the ten villages in the Boeny and Analanjirofo districts. Through these programs communities will better understand epilepsy and the causes of this chronic disease and be able to embrace persons living with epilepsy often excluded and stigmatized. The program also will build education platforms for schoolteachers and engage young children in understanding their friends living with epilepsy, thereby improving their inclusion. The initiative will start in 2017.

Rwanda – One Family Health

One Family Health (logo)
Philipe, Alexandra & member of One Family Health, Rwanda (photo)

Peter and Alphonsine, Rwanda

A three-year partnership was initiated with ‘OneFamilyHealth’, a non-governmental organization (NGO), dedicated to improving access to essential medicines and basic health care services in isolated communities in Rwanda. Through an innovative inclusive business model, nurse franchisees are equipped with the knowledge based tools needed to identify and refer individuals with suspected epilepsy and other psychotropic and auto-immune conditions to the relevant district hospitals for evaluation and treatment. UCB fosters cross-fertilization between the two partnerships in Rwanda to deliver joint high-quality epilepsy care.