UCB: creating value for patients

UCB aims to be the patient preferred biotech leader, creating value for persons living with severe chronic diseases, and their families. In addition, UCB aims to be a social and environmentally conscious leader, adhering to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Creating value for the patient is UCB’s way to address patient needs. Our value creation model starts with insights from patients and ensures that our scientific expertise enables us to indentify unique solutions. Ultimatly our solutions inspire patient’s lives and ensure that they live the life they have chosen.

The Sustainability Report 2016 describes the commitment and the efforts in bringing health and health solutions to patients and their families.

Furthermore, it illustrates our commitment meeting numerous challenges of environmental requirements, whilst meeting the needs and expectations of patients, communities, policy makers, society and other stakeholders. The SDGs serve as a reference for the company.

Considering the evolution in the environmental and the materiality aspects to the company, a comprehensive review is performed by the Corporate Societal Responsibility (“CSR”) Board.

The Sustainability Report is prepared ‘in accordance’ with the core criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting indicators. GRI G4 financial indicators will be cross-referenced to the Annual Report, as was done last year.

Investment in training and development (icon)Investment in training and development (icon)

€ 15.9 million

Invested in training and development
Community sponsorships (icon)Community sponsorships (icon)

€ 4.25 million

Community sponsorships
Waste recovered (icon)Waste recovered (icon)


Waste recovered
Women/men (icon)Women/men (icon)


UCB is a socially responsible company (icon)UCB is a socially responsible company (icon)


Of the employees consider UCB a socially responsible company
CSR projects (icon)CSR projects (icon)


CSR projects

Of the employees consider UCB a socially responsible company