1 Engaging with local communities

1 Engaging with local communities

In 2019 UCB engaged in several activities, driven by our employees worldwide and sponsored foundations and organizations that seek to contribute to their communities.


In 2019, UCB was the exclusive sponsor of an international, multi-disease area-focused research program led by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). This initiative aimed at illuminating the role of patient value in healthcare and produced several publications and events. In February, EIU published a report entitled “Creating Healthy Partnerships: The Role of Patient Value and Patient-Centered Care in Health Systems” which explores the key factors that a diverse set of high- and middle-income countries should consider to better integrate patient-centered care, an evolving and challenging concept for burdened healthcare systems that have been traditionally paternalistic and provider focused. UCB’s CEO Jean-Christophe Tellier participated in a multi-stakeholder event held in Brussels in February at which EIU released the Creating Healthy Partnerships report along with a health policy “scorecard” of the countries that were studied and findings from an international survey of patient organizations. A follow-on Japan-focused EIU initiative – once again sponsored exclusively by UCB – examined “Women’s Rights in Healthcare,” and was the subject of an EIU-hosted multi-stakeholder event that was held in December at the Embassy of Belgium in Tokyo.

The U.S.

UCB is committed to supporting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and activities in our local communities across the U.S. to help advance the next generation of scientists who will dedicate their careers to finding solutions for patients.

These activities aim to engage young children to learn and being part of the solutions for the future as well as support scholarship and educational programs for higher learning.

In Atlanta, among many other events, UCB supported the Atlanta Science Festival to educate students, with a focus on walking in patients’ shoes to learn more about osteoporosis and fragility fractures – an area where we hope to raise growing global awareness and make a difference.

In North Carolina, UCB employees volunteer in activities seeking to involve and empower young people to think about finding solutions to our shared challenges. This included UCB employee volunteers engaged in at STEM in the Park’s SciFest student event to solve real-world challenges through design thinking and ideation and our support to the STEMposium to empower K-12 teachers in the classroom.

Europe and Belgium

UCB supports several organizations and foundations that contribute to empowering the thinkers of the future. This includes the three-year €100 000 UCB awards to The Queen Elisabeth Medical Foundation (FMRE), support for national research teams seeking to understand the nervous system, and our three-year commitment to sponsoring the B19 School to create jobs in Belgium, particularly in the digital transformation for over 18s. UCB also makes a yearly contribution to the Foundation Reine Paola, seeking to support the development and integration of local youth by helping the integration of disadvantaged children, supporting and rewarding educators, and rewarding projects presented by local students. UCB sponsors the CAP48 Baluchon Alzheimer which aims to change attitudes towards disability and childhood in poverty. Through its annual campaign, CAP48 highlights the difficulties faced by people with disabilities and young people with integration difficulties in their daily lives. UCB sponsored CAP48 for €25 000 in 2019.


UCB China is committed to public science and health education. The UCB Brain Science Education Special Fund was set up in collaboration with the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum (SSTM) and the Shanghai Science Education Development Foundation (SSEDF) to raise public awareness of brain science and encourage research in the field. The Special Fund has brought together global and Chinese top neuroscience and artificial intelligence (AI) experts to help design the future new Brain Science exhibition hall at SSTM. Working with China Academy of Science and experts, the UCB Special Fund organized “Dialogue between brain science and AI” lectures to introduce how the human brain works and the future of AI. Over 10 000 people participated in person or online.