1.4 Promoting and embracing ethical behaviors across the organization

1.4 Promoting and embracing ethical behaviors across the organization

As from 2018, UCB developed and established Guidelines for “Ethical Decision Making” (“EDM”). EDM Guidelines are a set of practical tools and behaviors that empower colleagues to

  1. identify an ethical dilemma,
  2. explore the impacts of their choices on stakeholders, not limiting to the immediate impact but considering the impact and perception over time and for future generations and
  3. engage colleagues in conversations to resolve ethical dilemmas.

These guidelines have been rolled out amongst UCB leadership over 2018 and applied while facing ethical dilemmas in the course of 2019. Awareness in the broader UCB organization had continued and will be supported by various communications and tools in 2020. Having in mind the importance of our decisions while facing dilemmas beyond ethics and as an element of our Patient Value Strategy. In 2020, EDM was expanded to become a Decision Dilemma Tool designed to enhance decision making across the organization. The frameworks and behaviors have been enhanced with group-developed learning materials – specifically focused on use of the Decision Dilemma tool in action. The tool is now used to enrich decision making for individuals and leaders through enhancing understanding and shifting through consideration of the perspectives of the multiple stakeholders in our community and society.

UCB leaders and employees across our organization are encouraged to transparently share their dilemmas and engage to resolve these through dialogue and sharing.

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