1.3 Human rights

1.3 Human rights

UCB is determined to make an impact in the domain of human rights and take steps necessary to promote and encourage high ethical standards of working and fair treatment of human beings. We have a zero-tolerance approach to any form of human rights abuses, including modern slavery. UCB publish every year its statement on Modern Slavery according to UK Modern Slavery Act.

Considering the nature of our operations, UCB our relationships with third parties being the area where risks related to Human Rights have highest likelihood. These third parties include our supply chains (i.e. purchasing of goods and services) and agency workers, and particularly in countries where we operate which may be regarded as higher risk. Our Code of Conduct, a robust due diligence process and conduct of audit by our Internal Audit team aim at mitigating these risks.

To date, no report of an infringement of human rights associated with UCB or its suppliers has been identified to the company. 

Relevant GRI Indicators

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