2.1 Our approach to risk management

2.1 Our approach to risk management

Within enterprise risk management at UCB, we maintain our commitment to our vision and our patient value strategy and seek to find new ways to manage and leverage our increasingly volatile, complex and ambiguous environment.

Building on the solid foundation of UCB’s risk framework and governance platform, risk management has seen exciting opportunities to increase our impact in 2019, and beyond.

Strengthening our connection to strategy and expanding our risk lens

Enterprise Risk Management has been formally positioned into the Global Legal Affairs team. This will allow the members of the Enterprise Risk Management group to fully leverage the transversal nature of the legal function.

Under this new structure, UCB can enhance the interfaces between strategy, enterprise risk management and business stakeholders for a more agile and value-add approach. In addition, we can heighten our understanding of uncertainty both from our internal context and emerging risks arising from the external environment.