Our people – committed to bringing value to patients

Our people – committed to bringing value to patients

In today’s very complex environment, the power of collaboration, engagement and an open and transparent dialogue are essential to our success. That is why UCB’s ability to create value for patients now and into the future depends on the collaborative efforts of our 7 606 colleagues1 across the globe. Bringing differentiated solutions to all patients who need them also requires a genuine sense of accountability and leadership.

We need to ask ourselves how we can bring more value to patients.

Jean-Luc Fleurial, Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer

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UCB is present in three major regions – Europe, the U.S., and International Markets, with 40% of our employees being employed in our affiliates outside of Europe.

Employees by region
Employees by region (map)

1 Scope of reporting: This number represents all UCB regular active employees. Students, apprentices, trainees, employees on leave and contractors are not included in the headcount data.

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