UCB is committed to creating a positive impact in the global communities where patients live their lives.

Koudougou, Burkina Faso

Koudougou, a Belgian not-for-profit organization, was created twelve years ago by four UCB colleagues. Its mission is to assist women and children in the remote villages of Tiibin and Wappasi, Burkina Faso, with farming and the education of children. For the past four years, UCB employees have had the opportunity to participate. This year, 10 colleagues joined the Koudougou mission (out of a total of 25 participants) to help with both the animation of a camp for 80 school children, as well as planting hedges in order to protect fruit and vegetable cultures held on the seven hectares of land purchased last year. A great success!

Hélène, Pascal and Benjamin, UCB (photo)

Hélène, Pascal and Benjamin, UCB

Arnaud and Aline, UCB (photo)

Arnaud and Aline, UCB

Arnaud and Aline, UCB (photo)

Arnaud and Aline, UCB

Epilepsy Awareness Campaign, Belgium

Fracarita Belgium, our CSR partner, organized an awareness and fundraising campaign in Belgium on the need for epilepsy treatment in Africa. During the campaign launch, over 200 representatives/animators from approximately 110 schools (nursery, primary and secondary education, both general and special education), psychiatric centers, special education centers and retirement homes of the Brothers of Charity in Flanders were present. The launch included a short panel discussion on epilepsy in Africa, a demonstration with the epilepsy virtual reality experience, an EEG-demonstration and various thematic workshops for the different target groups. In addition, a campaign video on epilepsy, facilitated by UCB, was launched. Some 13 500 people working at Brothers of Charity facilities (schools, psychiatric hospitals, elderly homes and centers for children with a disability) and some 25 000 students, patients and clients attending these facilities got in touch with this campaign during the period of Lent.

Campaign website (Dutch)

People attending the volunteer fair (icon)


Representatives/animators from Brothers of Charity’s facilities in Flanders were present during launch of epilepsy awareness campaign

Children’s Day, Brazil

Carolina, Ricardo, Ricardo, Cleia and Sabrina, UCB (photo)

Carolina, Ricardo, Ricardo, Cleia and Sabrina, UCB

Colleagues from Brazil organized an internal campaign to collect gifts, clothing, food and personal items for a local orphanage that cares for children rejected by their families or who have suffered some kind of abuse. The orphanage is home to children ranging from 1-16 years of age. With the help of social workers, the focus is on trying to get the children to return back to their homes, and if not possible, children are placed for adoption.

Nursing Home Visit, China

Our UCB China colleagues organized a series of visits throughout the year to the Yat-sen Nursing Home in Shanghai. Visits coincided with important Chinese holidays and festivals, allowing the elderly residents to feel the warmth of society.

For example, this year the UCB China leadership team went to celebrate Lunar New Year at Yat-sen Nursing Home. Additionally, on Chong Yang Festival, one of the most important traditional Chinese festivals – and a special day for the elderly – UCB volunteers took nursing home residents to watch traditional Chinese operas similar to the performances they watched when they were young. The volunteers also shared small gifts that were popular about 50 years ago, making the nursing home residents feel young again!

You can change the Story, Belgium

Building upon the Take a Second. Safety First behavioral safety campaign (aimed at raising awareness about key causes of accidents) that has run the previous two years, UCB launched the You can change the Story campaign in 2017, inviting all employees to proactively act upon any dangerous situations they might observe at UCB. Sites around the globe used the theme to organize site specific activities focusing on the fact that every single person can contribute to a safer workplace, in line with our belief that we all should See it, Own it, Solve it and Do it.