Corporate giving

UCB employees pledged a strong support to the Corporate Societal Responsibility initiatives through the organization of and participation in several events to raise funds for unmet needs in our activities in Africa.

Fundraiser for new mobile EEG equipment (icon)

> € 10 000

Two new mobile EEG donated to Handicap International, Madagascar

Walk for Africa

A record year for the third annual Walk for Africa with 30 UCB's sites (up from 22 last year) and over 1 500 employees participating. More than € 10 000 was raised (matched by UCB) to support the purchase of two new mobile EEG units in Madagascar, enabling persons living with epilepsy in the regions of Boeny and Analanjirofo, to now receive proper diagnosis.

Walk for Africa, UCB (photo)

Walk for Africa, UCB

Maxime, Anthony, André, Louis and Frédéric, UCB (photo)

Maxime, Anthony, André, Louis and Frédéric, UCB

Run to Rwanda

This summer, New Medicines put their running and walking shoes on for the Run to Rwanda event. This was organized in partnership with CSR and had a goal of covering the 12 400 km distance from the venue of the 2017 New Medicines Congress in Windsor, U.K. to Kigali, Rwanda. This route was traversed in a virtual manner by capturing the distance covered in running or walking activities performed by individuals between mid-May and mid-September. Participants ranged from dedicated runners to more occasional runners/walkers. There were also a number of hikers and even some swimmers! All of these contributions were valuable, and together ensured that Run to Rwanda reached its goal of € 3 500, which UCB doubled! The funds raised were used towards the purchase of video-EEG and EMG equipment that were used to allow quicker and more accurate diagnosis of people living with epilepsy throughout Rwanda.