Building an agile organization

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An Agile Organization (icon)

At the core of UCB’s mission is the improvement of the life of people living with severe chronic diseases, including enhanced access to existing treatments, a tailored design, and clinical development of new molecules and solutions for patients. It is for this reason that attracting the right talent is paramount to our patient-centric business model.

Bénédicte, Yuko, Jorge and Corinne, UCB (photo)

Bénédicte, Yuko, Jorge and Corinne, UCB

Adapting a holistic view of patients and their access to quality care resulted in a new business model with an alignment of UCB’s talents, tailored to enhance accountability, responsibility, preparation of and engagement for the future, as well as, to advance sustainable growth and opportunities. Employees are focused on creating value from medical and scientific innovation for people living with severe chronic diseases. Understanding and shaping knowledge about disease mechanisms at their genetic, cellular and physio-pathological level is critical to advancing breakthrough treatment choices. This interconnecting innovation is critical for accelerating the sustainability of quality care.

Organizational capabilities

UCB further strengthened the organization to become the patient preferred biotech leader. The shared purpose create value for patients is the foundation of our inspiration and influences our behaviors: acting responsibly, being accountable, being engaged and demonstrating agility.

With this ambition at the core, decisions are looked at afresh by each function considering an overarching principle that the patient is at the heart of UCB processes and planning. The workforce is organized into four Patient Value Organization pillars. UCB adopted this approach to enable a proper resource allocation, to foster cultural diversity, and to integrate and exhibit strong and inclusive leadership, in order to support the execution of the company’s vision.