Talent and communities

Charl van Zyl meeting Youngsters, UCB (photo)

Charl van Zyl meeting Youngsters, UCB

In 2016, UCB colleagues created the Youngsters community – a gathering of young professionals striving to create a dynamic and innovative environment where trust, collaboration, and collective intelligence bring value for patients, UCB, and for themselves. Over 343 colleagues of all ages and backgrounds across the organization are part of this engaged internal and informal platform where they can share their inputs and learnings in order to get inspired and connected with each other. In 2017, the Youngsters continued to host open discussions with members of the Executive Committee, as well as, cross-functional workshops to increase their business understanding and share their voices and opinions. Additionally, diverse activities were held to co-create and define the future of the community and find new ways of bringing more value to patients and UCB as early stage career professionals. Their active participation in the World Osteoporosis 2017 day resulted in creative activities.

Ten Green Teams have been set up at a total of four different UCB sites. Green team members volunteer to work on projects which raise awareness about the impact our daily activities (at work but also elsewhere) have upon the environment. An eyeopener was the Cups Project organized at the Slough Site. Colleagues were invited to guess how many cups were used at the site on a single day, how many used cups were recycled correctly, and how many were put in the general waste bin, hence lost for recycling.

Hakim, Sahidé and Ayse, UCB (photo)

Hakim, Sahidé and Ayse, UCB

Green teams distributing reusable bottles, Belgium (photo)

Green teams distributing reusable bottles, Belgium