Inspace is a key initiative associated with UCB’s Patient Value Strategy journey, helping the company to think about its ways of working and living together. At UCB the aim is to be more innovative and collaborative. The new workspace created by the inspace project will allow colleagues to interact smoothly with each other, to be inspired by peers to try new approaches, to work in an environment that fits a variety of needs, to be spontaneous, and to feel stimulated to co-create and share knowledge.

Inspace Logo (logo)
Jérémie and colleagues during Inspace workshop, UCB (photo)

Jérémie and colleagues during inspace workshop, UCB

On the building side, inspace will ensure a right balance between energy, engagement and exploration by offering four different spaces, with different levels of interaction, noise, light, materials and furniture. While these spaces are created, all colleagues are being invited to various workshops, during which the following questions are discussed: which changes in the ways of working will the new workplace bring?; what’s expected on the mental, physical and virtual level?; how will colleagues best collaborate with each other?; which work environments will most likely give or take energy?; how will the concept of team cohesion need to evolve? Sessions are run in a participative workshop style, where open discussion and feedback are key elements of success – in line with UCB’s culture.

Inspace will be created at UCB’s headquarters whose spaces will be progressively transformed; the first teams will join the new work environment in April 2018. UCB’s new office in Beijing has been created in an inspace-style and an analysis is on-going at our Atlanta site and other UCB sites may follow if an opportunity arises.