Adrien, UCB (photo)

Adrien, UCB

UCB set the absolute target to reduce its water consumption by 20% by 2030, compared to the 2015 baseline. This target is quite ambitious, as UCB’s transformation to a leading biotech company will increasingly lead to the introduction of production processes, which typically tend to be more water demanding.

In 2016, water consumption at the UCB facilities decreased by 12% compared to 2015. This reduction was mainly due to the divestiture of the sites in Seymour and Shannon (which lowered water consumption by 190 654 m3), as water consumption in key sites such as Braine-l’Alleud, Bulle and Slough increased by 87 967 m3.

In 2017, water consumption decreased by 6%. Factors that influenced water consumption are the divestiture of the site in Shannon (-2%), the revamping projects that occurred at various manufacturing sites, variations in climatological conditions (with an impact on the need for cooling) and water saving programs implemented at the sites.