Brothers of Charity – DR Congo and Rwanda

Brothers of Charity – DR Congo

Our partnership with the Brothers of Charity in the neuropsychiatric center Dr Joseph Guislain in Lubumbashi (DR Congo) is built around three objectives:

  • to better understand the epilepsy disease burden by studying the prevalence of the disease;
  • to develop the structure of an affordable and sustainable care for people living with epilepsy, and their families;
  • to strengthen the neurology capacity by having Dr Marcellin Bugeme and Dr Patrice N. Ntenga continue their third and four-year master course in neurology, at Cheik anta Diop University in Dakar (Senegal).
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2 670

 Consultations completed in the mobile clinics
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Electroencephalograms completed

In 2017, the medical staff completed 2 670 epilepsy consultations in the mobile clinics. The medical staff completed over 5 100 consultations in the tertiary center in Lubumbashi. In addition, they performed 912 electroencephalograms.

Brothers of Charity, Rwanda

Sister Vestine at the CARAES neuropsychiatric center (photo)

Sister Vestine at the CARAES neuropsychiatric center

Brothers of Charity – Rwanda

In 2017, the tertiary neuropsychiatric hospital CARAES of Ndera, nearby Kigali, offered consultations to people living with neurological conditions, often travelling long distances to seek specialized care. Strengthening the neurology capacity is accomplished by a three-pronged approach.

First, Dr Beni Uwacu successfully completed his master in neurology specialization at the Cheik anta Diop University in Dakar (Senegal) and Kigali. Dr Sylvestre Mutungirehe, on the other hand, started his master in neurology in Dakar.

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Taco, UCB and Dr Fidele and Juvenal, Brothers of Charity, Rwanda (photo)

Taco, UCB with Dr Fidele and Juvenal, Brothers of Charity, Rwanda

Second, Dr Fidèle Sebera completed the validation of the two research tools in the neuropsychiatric hospital. The PhD research project of the co-morbidity of epilepsy and depression under supervision of Prof dr Paul Boon of the department of Neurology of Ghent University was initiated in December.

Third, the Rwandan Organization Against Epilepsy completed important trainings of grass-root health care workers and community health agents in the villages of Musanze. A total of 1 283 agents from 432 villages participated in the one-day epilepsy training. 143 health care professionals from 17 health care zones received a four-day training in epilepsy disease management, adherence to treatment and early diagnosis.

With the objective of enhancing access to EEG investigations during field visits, the UCB Societal Responsibility Fund provided two mobile EEG equipment; one to the primary health care center of Gikonko, and another one to the neuropsychiatric hospital of Butare.

Gillian Dines (photo)

People are people despite their cultural differences and living situations.

Gillian, UCB

During 2017, the Orchestrate leadership program engaged the visit of 14 future UCB leaders to Rwanda to understand the intersection between the needs of medically challenged communities, underprivileged people living with epilepsy and their families, the sustainability of UCB’s CSR engagement, and an ethical and responsible business conduct.