Duke University – Uganda

Duke University, Uganda

Duke University neurosurgeons at Mengo hospital (photo)

Duke University neurosurgeons at Mengo hospital

The Division of Global Neurosurgery and Neurology (DGNN) of the Department of Neurosurgery of Duke University (Durham, U.S.) received a grant from the UCB Societal Responsibility Fund. The DGNN is comprised of 62 Duke University Hospital staff, faculty, and students. For the past 10 years, a DGNN multi-disciplinary team has been travelling to Uganda in order to conduct neurosurgery camps, trainings and to build capacity. The DGNN team meets at monthly intervals with the staff based in Uganda through video teleconferences.

Duke University (logo)
Duke University neurosurgeons, Uganda (photo)

Duke University neurosurgeons, Uganda

In October, the DGNN shipped eight tons of medical equipment to Mengo hospital in Kampala, the oldest private hospital in the country, in order to set-up three complete operating rooms. Twenty-two DGNN and five pediatric neurosurgeons from Stanford University travelled to Kampala, bringing additional medical supplies. During the week-long camp, 30 neurosurgical interventions were successfully completed, together with local neurosurgeons and residents. In addition, nearly 100 neurology consultations were conducted, including many people living with epilepsy.

The objective of our partnership with Duke is to build on synergies between the two organizations. Activities such as: providing epilepsy training to health care providers; offering community sensitization initiatives; supporting people living with epilepsy; accelerating access to diagnosis and treatment; and, collaborating on a number of important research initiatives supported by local officials, are common across our different epilepsy initiatives.