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Project HOPE, China

Participant of the Rainbow bridge family weekend (photo)

Participant of the Rainbow bridge family weekend

The four-year Rainbow Bridge program of the project HOPE partnership with UCB ended in March 2017. In light of the exciting results, project HOPE and UCB signed a new three-year contract to support activities of the Rainbow Bridge – Hope and Care for Children and Families with Epilepsy initiative.

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A true love message

It will be New Year’s eve tomorrow. I would like to offer New Year’s greetings to all members of the Rainbow Bridge program and to all medical personnel, thank you all. Thank you for giving care and support to each of our families; it is you who gives us strength and hope, thank you!!! And I also thank all the members of the groups, of the same sharing of fate, we have gathered together, let us communicate, support and encourage each other for having more strength to face the difficulties, thank you all!!! At this moment of new year greetings and an old year farewell, we wish all unpleasant things and the disease of every child and family suffering in our groups be gone with the wind in the sound of the firecrackers of New Years’ Eve, forever, and that our children would be fine and healthy. We wish everybody a healthy and happy New Year.

A mother from Inner Mongolia

To date, the education for medical personnel brought together 1 945 health care providers in classroom training in childhood epilepsy, with over 290 900 children living with epilepsy benefitting from these trainings. The physicians also referred close to 97 000 children living with epilepsy to the tertiary neurology center in the provinces. In order to accelerate the education, an on-line and free-of-charge neurology course was made available. Over 60 000 physicians successfully completed the different modules. In order to facilitate the bedside diagnosis, a pocket book Pediatric Epilepsy Treatment Primary Care Providers Training Manual was published, and after completion of a post-test questionnaire, physicians are granted five National Level Continuing Education Category II credits.

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60 000

Physicians completed online neurology training course
Participant of project HOPE, China (photo)

Participant of project HOPE, China

Patient education consisted of listening to the challenges, the emotions and the family burden of epilepsy, from the perspective of the caregiver. A total of 1 623 parents attended these sessions. In addition, Rainbow Bridge organized family week-end workshops that brought together 173 children living with epilepsy and 681 family members. Children enjoyed a fun-filled week-end, while parents had dedicated time with their health care providers.

The public education consisted of knowledge sharing with school teachers. They are key for the well-being of all children in school, including children living with epilepsy in the school environment. Workshops brought together 830 teachers.