UCB Societal Responsibility Fund

Capacity building in Uganda, Duke University (photo)

Capacity building in Uganda, Duke University

The UCB Societal Responsibility Fund was jointly launched by UCB and the King Baudouin Foundation in 2014. This independent, not-for-profit and highly-recognized organization was established 35 years ago, and has grown internationally through multiple partnerships with similar foundations globally. This current partnership is allowing UCB colleagues and stakeholders to financially support CSR initiatives via donations. In particular, donations to the UCB Societal Responsibility Fund:

  1. Support five CSR initiatives: Brothers of Charity in Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Kigali (Rwanda); Duke University (Uganda); Handicap International (Madagascar); and, OneFamilyHealth (Rwanda);
  2. Help education, diagnosis and access to care for people living with epilepsy served by our partners.