Linking areas of engagement to material aspects and to SDG’s

Access to medicine, Madagascar (photo)

Access to medicine, Madagascar

As an organization, UCB subscribes to various initiatives as outlined in the UN’s seventeen SDG’s, which set a clear benchmark for progress toward a world in which every person will have the right to a healthy life, development, protection and participation. To this end, UCB has adopted a comprehensive review of areas of engagement contributing to economic, environmental and societal sustainability. Twenty-six areas of engagement have been identified, in collaboration with various external stakeholders, that are considered important to the company. These are described within this report in the five Material Aspects, and are also linked to the nine SDG’s, as identified below.

All areas of engagement have a significant relationship to our business success, company’s reputation and sustainability, and UCB is determined to maintain an open dialogue with stakeholders in different geographies to determine the value and the impact of the areas of action. Considering the importance of the aging population, UCB has included demographic changes as an area of engagement.

1 Responsible and ethical business conduct
2 Building an agile organization
3 Environmental stewardship and sustainability
4 Providing access to epilepsy care in resource poor-counties
5 Employee engagement