Year at a glance


Field visit to our new CSR project in Madagascar where Handicap International (HI) is implementing an epilepsy initiative on building awareness programs for communities to better understand epilepsy.

Implementation of the Green Strategy, an evolution of UCB’s Environmental Strategy, with a firm goal of making our operations carbon neutral by the year 2030.

Field visit to our new CSR project in Madagascar (photo)


Participation in the Rainbow Bridge family week-end, together with our partner, project HOPE in China.

Rainbow Bridge family week-end (photo)


Technical and Supply Operations launch the Green@TSO program, mobilizing all employees to identify opportunities to reduce our ecological footprint.

Green@TSO program (photo)


Orchestrate leadership program engaged six UCB leaders in qualitative research of people living with epilepsy.

Signing of a new three-year agreement with project HOPE in China: the Rainbow Bridge – Hope and Care for Children with Epilepsy Program.

Rainbow Bridge stage ceremony (photo)


Engaged with renown Senegalese artist, Moussa Sakho, who provides therapeutic art for the mentally challenged people.

Third annual Walk for Africa organized in 30 UCB affiliates worldwide, raising over € 10 000, to help support our project in Madagascar

Moussa Sakho (photo)


14 Orchestrate leaders were immersed in qualitative research projects in Rwanda.

Partnership with CO2Logic and WeForest, two sustainability organizations dedicated to re-forestation and environmental protection, to coordinate our carbon compensation efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Ethiopia.

Orchestrate in Rwanda (photo)


Reached more than 92% green electricity (generated from renewable sources) – an important milestone!

Renewable sources (photo)


Field visit to Myanmar Epilepsy Initiative by Jean-Christophe Tellier, CEO, and Fabrice Enderlin, Executive VP reinforcing our partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Christophe Tellier, CEO, and Fabrice Enderlin, Executive VP on a Field visit to Myanmar (photo)


During our field visit to the Boeny region in Madagascar, we delivered two mobile EEG units, which were supported through the partial donation of Cadwell Industries, together with the proceeds from Walk for Africa.

A door-to-door survey in Northern Rwanda confirmed the high prevalence of people living with epilepsy of 4.7%.

Field visit to the Boeny region in Madagascar (photo)


Signed sponsorship agreement with KU Leuven for the support of the Roch Doliveux UCB Paediatric Neurology chair.

Field visit to Uganda, with our partner Duke University, active at the Mengo hospital in Kampala.

UCB joins United Nation's (UN) Science Based Target Initiative to fight climate change, confirming our commitment to meeting the COP21 ambition.

Field visit to Uganda (photo)


Green teams now operational in four main sites to help promote green behavior.

Green teams (photo)


Field visit to Rwanda by Professor Dr. Paul Boon (Ghent University) to ensure progress of the different PhD programs in neurology.

Field visit to Rwanda (photo)