2 Engaging with the local communities

Some of this year’s community engagement projects were:

2.1 Epilepsy at School educational slide set now on the Turkish Ministry of Education's Website (Turkey)

The Epilepsy at School educational slide set, which was prepared together with the Turkish Chapter of International League Against Epilepsy, was uploaded to the EBA (Educational Information Network) website of Ministry of Education on 27 February 2018.

The Epilepsy at School project is an outcome of defined unmet needs after a patient market research initiated by UCB Turkey and created in collaboration with Govern­mental Authorities and Associations. EBA is a social educational platform led by the General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies of the Ministry of Education.

Epilepsy at School contains basic concepts of epilepsy for teachers who play an important role in the life of students living with epilepsy, epilepsy psychology in children and how-to suggestions for approaching children living with epilepsy. From now on, the EBA platform will enable teachers, students and parents to learn more about epilepsy and basic first-aid steps, as well as those who want to get information easily.

Epilepsy at School is the first project to be uploaded to a publicly available educational platform initiated by a pharmaceutical company in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The EBA platform gave the opportunity to share knowledge and increase awareness about epilepsy for teachers and students as well as families. It’s also a good example for UCB’s trust-based partnership with Governmental Authorities and health care professionals associations.

2.2 RTP hosts 10 Wake County Teachers, UCB Raleigh, NC (U.S.)

Bruce, Sarah, Cherilyn, Antwanna, Andrew,
Michelle, Ken and Laura arriving at UCB U.S.

On 19 July 2018, RTP hosted ten high school teachers as part of the SummerSTEM immersion program.

SummerSTEM is an award-winning, 8-day professional development program to enrich educators’ understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) careers. This program is a collaboration between the WakeEd Partnership, the Wake County Public School System, and biotech businesses in North Carolina.

During the program, the teachers participated in pharmaceutical manufacturing and clinical development knowledge sessions, which UCB hosted in partnership with Biogen (also located in RTP). In line with UCB’s 2018 corporate priorities, this program represented our continued external engagement strategy and was an opportunity to enhance the knowledge and application of STEM industries, professions, and experiences of our local educators to support the path of future generations into the workforce.

Bruce, Millbrook High School, Antwanna, NWCCA.

At UCB, the teachers participated in engaging, hands-on experiences designed to bring real-world lessons to the classroom about topics such as patient-centricity, the clinical-study landscape, and essential knowledge, skills, and competencies for success in the biotech industry. The success of the event was a cross-functional effort led by teams from across the organization, including Global Clinical Development, Global Clinical Sciences and Operations, and Business Excellence.

At the end of the program, the teachers develop a project-based learning unit to deliver to students in their classrooms based upon their experiences from these sessions. The program culminates with STEMposium in May 2019 where students will present what they have learned as a result of their teachers completing this program.

2.3 Rebuilding Together (U.S.)

In 2018, UCB joined Rebuilding Together, a leading U.S. nonprofit in safe and healthy housing with more than 40 years of experience. Each year, Rebuilding Together affiliates and nearly 100 000 volunteers complete about 10 000 rebuild projects. Established in 1974, they believe in safe homes and communities for everyone. Through this vision, Rebuilding Together is committed to repairing homes for older Americans or people living with disabilities who are physically and financially unable to maintain safe living conditions.

The initial project in San Jose, CA in April supported a woman who had several previous fractures and falls. Given the success of UCB’s engagement with Rebuilding Together, in October, on World Osteoporosis Day, colleagues participated in 3 more activities with the organization in Seattle, WA, Philadelphia, PA, and Atlanta, GA working on homes and at a local senior center. UCB supported these building projects through donations and volunteer support.

This is aligned to our commitment to support patients in the disease areas where we work.

2.4 EPPI paddling triathlon (Czech Republic)

EPPI Paddling triathlon, UCB Czech Republic

UCB in the Czech Republic organize every year EPPI Paddling Triathlon – a special triathlon to support patients living with epilepsy on their life journey in cooperation with patient organizations and Czech Key Opinion Leaders.

It was created as branch of EPPIE‘S Great Race (founded by Eppaminondas Johnson in 1979 in California), and it is triathlon available for patients living with epilepsy – instead of swimming there is paddling on a boat as a part of race.

This 16th season of EPPI paddling triathlon underlined the patient centricity devotion to strengthen awareness of epilepsy. A total of 127 kids and adults attended the race this year, so in 16 years history there have been more than 1 500 people running, cycling and paddling, side by side with patients living with epilepsy. Registration fees for this race are donated to the Patient organization EpiStop.