2 From green strategy to green action

In addition to stimulating reflections on continuous (green) improvements to our patient solutions, infrastructure and processes, we try to engage all at UCB by:

  1. raising awareness
  2. encouraging greener behavior

The Green Teams and the celebration of World Environment Day are great examples.

2.1 Green teams

On a more permanent basis, Green team members volunteer to work on projects, organize workshops and activities aimed at raising awareness about the impact our daily activities (at work but also elsewhere) have upon the environment, and to work on developing a green mindset.

10 Green Teams have been set up at 5 different UCB sites: Brussels and Braine-l’Alleud (Belgium), Monheim (Germany), Slough (U.K.) and Atlanta (U.S.).

In 2018 for example, colleagues participated to World Clean-Up Day by collecting litter in the neighborhood of several UCB sites. In Slough (U.K), Veggie Days are organized to encourage colleagues to eat more vegetarian food and the coffee loyalty scheme was re-vamped to only benefit those who bring their reusable mugs.

2.2 World Environment Day – 5 June

Green Day in China, UCB
Laeticia, Emmanuel, Sarah, Bérangère and Luc, UCB

Since 2014, UCB colleagues all over the world paint the town green for World Environment Day with activities organized on multiple sites. Examples of activities organized in 2018 include:

  • workshops in Bulle (Switzerland), spread over the whole week, ranging from sessions to promote car sharing and biking to work, to guided site tours illustrating our environmental impacts and mitigation projects and awareness sessions on how-to create a zero emissions site.
  • promotion of waste recycling tips in RTP, NC (U.S.)
  • creative green brainstorm sessions in Monheim (Germany) which produced 90 ideas
  • activities supporting biodiversity carried out by our colleagues in Saitama (Japan)
  • a Green Teams stand at UCB Belgium Staff Party…

One of the highlights of this special day was a very entertaining and motivating talk by Bertrand Piccard, co-pilot of the first successful round-the-world solar powered flight with the famous Solar Impulse. Almost 1 000 people joined the broadcast while almost 200 attended live on our Braine-l’Alleud site (Belgium).

Mr. Piccard inspired colleagues with stories of green innovations that will bring us to a low-carbon economy and society, inviting us to think and do green to meet our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.