4 Water withdrawal

Reduce water consumption by


UCB set the absolute target to reduce its water consumption by 20% by 2030, compared to the 2015 baseline. This target is quite ambitious, as UCB’s transformation to a leading biopharma company will increasingly lead to the introduction of production processes, which typically tend to be more water demanding.








GRI indicator


Unit of measure

2015 (benchmark year)

2018 Actual

Variance (%)



Total water


804 360

799 469




Main water


624 427

552 985




Ground & surface water


179 933

246 484









Compared to 2015, water consumption decreased by 1%. This evolution was mainly impacted by the divestiture of the sites in Seymour (U.S.) and Shannon (Ireland) - which lowered water consumption by 190 654 m³ - and water saving projects on the one hand and by the grown importance of water-intense bio-processes at our production plant in Bulle (Switzerland) and increased usage of surface water for cooling purpose at our site in Monheim (Germany) on the other hand.

In 2018, water saving projects completed in Braine-l’Alleud (Belgium) and Bulle (Switzerland) resulted in a recurrent annual water saving of 38 000 m³. UCB participated for the first time to the Climate Disclosure Project’s (CDP) Global Water Reporting Scheme.