15 Other income/expenses

Total other income/expense amounted to an income of € 24 million (2017: expense of € 19 million) and is comprised of the following items:

  • Gain on disposal: € 47 million in 2018 and is related to the sale of Innere Medizin and non-core Established Brand products (€ 3 million in 2017 related to additional proceeds received in respect of the disposal of the nitrates business)
  • Other expenses: € 59 million in 2018, relates to legal fees related to intellectual property and Distelbène provision (2017: € 22 million and mainly relate to intellectual property legal fees)
  • Other income: € 36 million in 2018 and mainly relates to the recognition of the cumulative amount of exchange differences for legal entities liquidated in 2018. These exchange differences were previously carried forward in other comprehensive income.