2 From Patient Value Strategy to patient access

Ageing populations, the increased prevalence of severe chronic diseases and health funding constraints have caused healthcare system stakeholders to increasingly scrutinize the value of medicines and outcomes they deliver. UCB believes that value begins with what matters most to patients but also must reflect the needs of a given healthcare system in which patients receive care. We consider fulfilment of these criteria vital to ensuring sustainable access to our solutions.

Our approach is guided accordingly by 3 foundational principles:

Increase Health & Value

Encourage the development and adaption of medicines that create patient value

Do the right thing for the right patient

Guide us to act fairly so that patients who will most benefit have the best access to these medicines

Sustain innovation

Promote and reward innovation in a way that is sustainable both for UCB and the healthcare ecosystem

In our quest to ensure access to our healthcare solutions, we actively pursue value-based agreements of various types, including those driven directly by patient outcomes, those that share risk with payers and those that focus on patient populations that benefit the most from treatment. They should result in creating faster access for patients, delivering higher value to payers while supporting the discovery, development and commercialization of differentiated, high-value medicines. We consider value-based agreements vital tools for sustainable biopharmaceutical innovation, healthcare financing and patient access to care – and the resulting public health and societal gains. As a consequence, UCB has numerous value-based agreements in place in Europe and the U.S., either at the national level or with regional payers and local hospitals.

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Philip, living with axial spondyloarthritis

UCB is also committed to support patients through their treatment journey to foster the best possible experience with UCB healthcare solutions. In 2014, UCB launched UCBCares®, a dedicated service to support patients beyond medical information. UCBCares® aims to provide more than answering questions and addressing concerns that patients might have. We are thus gradually enhancing our services, advancing from a transactional approach to more holistic and personalized solutions. Where applicable, this includes sharing guidance which can help patients to better understand and manage their treatments. UCBCares® extends to key stakeholders like caregivers and healthcare professionals as well. No matter who is getting in touch with us – the ultimate goal is to offer the best possible support to improve the lives of patients. First launched in the U.S., UCBCares® is now present in 19 European countries. On average, UCB receives 65 000 inquiries a year.