4.5 People and communities

The Youngsters community continued to bring young colleagues together to collaborate, learn and inspire. They create a dynamic, curious, creative and innovative environment where trust, collaboration, authenticity and collective intelligence are applied. In 2018, they celebrated their second birthday by reflecting on their learnings and celebrating successes.

I am a continuous learner, and this community is giving me space to both succeed and fail while learning from the experience and different challenges.

Vanja, UCB

During 2018, the Youngsters hosted three sessions with members of the Executive Committee. One of them was with UCB’s CEO Jean-Christophe Tellier, where he shared insights of his professional journey and provided young professionals useful advice for the future.

Additionally, professional development sessions were organized to increase the Youngsters’ business understanding. Cross-functional workshops provided them with the opportunity to share their voice and insights with the rest of the organization.

Diogo, Kieran, Breda, Andreia, Pallavi, Sonia, Elizabeth, UCB Slough

Ten Green Teams have been set up at four different UCB sites. More information regarding Green teams can be found in the section From green strategy to green action.