4.3 People insights

In 2018, UCB people were given the opportunity to provide feedback about how the company is doing through an employee survey. A new approach was introduced using a more agile methodology which combines full census surveys alternated with regular Pulse checks to keep an eye on people engagement, a key indicator of company health. The company Perceptyx™ Inc. supports these surveys.

Working for UCB gives me the opportunity to contribute to changing patients’ lives through innovative IT solutions.

Loic, UCB

Pulse results confirmed that people remain highly engaged and confident about UCB’s future. About half of respondents also provided constructive input on various topics related to the company’s strategy and culture, further demonstrating their commitment to UCB.

The feedback collected through the survey was shared with UCB leadership and subsequently with all people. Leadership teams in all areas of the company also shared the results with their departments, generating further dialogue around possible areas for improvement.

The scores below compare the percentage of favorable responses at UCB versus the High Performing (HP) norm.


I would recommend UCB as a great place to work

(82.6% HP)


I believe UCB has a promising future

(83.6% HP)


I am proud to work for UCB

(90.6 HP)


My work gives me a sense of personal accomplishment

(84.4 HP)

Overall engagement


(79.5 HP)