1.1 Responsible Business Conduct

1.1 Responsible Business Conduct

UCB is committed to doing “the right things, the right way”; this means we integrate an ethical thinking in our decision-making process, while acting with integrity in all business dealings and putting effective systems and controls in place to safeguard adherence to all obligations relevant to our business.

UCB operates in supervised and controlled environments, where UCB’s values, policies and procedures are applied and embedded in the culture.

The UCB Code of Conduct is our governing policy that reflects UCB’s core company values, including accountability and integrity. The Code outlines the general principles of business conduct that are expected from UCB colleagues and partners throughout the world. It is available in 14 languages and on the UCB external corporate website (www.ucb.com). Employees and contractors are required to undertake mandatory training on the UCB Code of Conduct, which is incorporated into each employee/contractor’s training plan. Third parties are also expected to acknowledge and adhere to the principles of the Code of Conduct, which is included in their legal agreements with UCB where necessary.

In 2019, 7 381 UCB employees have been trained on UCB Code of Conduct. Completion rate for the Code of Conduct training in this year has been of 96%.1To learn more visit People data section.

The UCB Code of Conduct encompass, amongst others, core principles and behaviors aiming at mitigating the risks related to bribery and corruption as well as human rights infringement.

Competition and Anti-Trust

UCB remains committed to full compliance with all laws and regulations related to anti-competitive behavior, anti-trust or monopoly. In 2019 UCB was not involved with any legal actions or investigations under such laws, and we are fully cooperating in the ongoing U.S. Federal Trade Commission review of our planned merger with Ra Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

1 To learn more visit People data section.

Relevant GRI Indicators

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