4 Patient access: enhancing sustainable value for patients, society and UCB through value-based access and pricing

4 Patient access: enhancing sustainable value for patients, society and UCB through value-based access and pricing

A core pillar of UCB’s ambition for patients is to focus on delivering clearly differentiated outcomes and positive experiences for patients, caregivers, and their physicians that need the solutions we develop, in a way which is viable for patients, for society, and for UCB.

Thomas, living with epilepsy (portrait)

In fact, my medication also began to control my symptoms in a way that it had not done previously.

Thomas, living with epilepsy

To achieve our goal, we believe that a patient value-based approach to access and pricing is right for patients, right for society, and right for our company. In 2018 and 2019, UCB structured its value and pricing activities to align with three fundamental principles:

  1. Increase health through the development and adoption of medicines that create clear value for patient,
  2. Sustain innovation by promoting financial return that is sustainable for UCB and respectful of the need for sustainable healthcare systems and
  3. Promote health equity by ensuring that every patient that needs a UCB medicine, has access to it, in a way that is viable and sustainable.

These principles are exemplified through our actions globally in 2019, including the way we develop prices for new medicines.

UCB aims to consistently apply a value-based approach to pricing by defining the value created for specific patients, society, and value captured in health systems. UCB seeks to accelerate our involvement in value-based contracts and partnerships and has developed innovative value-based offerings to help us achieve our access and affordability goals.

To that end, UCB is pioneering a methodology, published at ISPOR, in which the unique patient value created by our solutions becomes the foundation of our pricing strategy for the respective treatment option. Our aim is to anchor our pricing strategy on the improvement in a patients’ outcomes and experience – as well as the proportion of patients that can benefit from them. This approach will define the contours of our pricing plans worldwide with an eye towards viability and sustainability. As a result, for new launches, we will use this set of principles, tools, and processes to enable consistent methodology for access and pricing linked to evidence that shows the value we create for patients. In 2019, this approach was implemented for every medicine in our pipeline from Phase 1 onward, and was recently utilized for the launch of Evenity® in the EU and Nayzilam® in the U.S.

Our goal is to maximize access for patients, while balancing patient affordability, and UCB innovation, and sustainability. For example, in the U.S., UCB’s net (after discounts and rebates) price increases remained in line with inflation in 2019. In further support of our access commitment, affordability information for UCB’s products in the U.S. is available to patients and all stakeholders on our website.

UCB wants to be part of the solution, developing and implementing innovative, differentiated solutions that provide demonstrable value to patients – improving their lives now and in the future.

Looking ahead, we are working on our quantified commitments to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with a special focus on the importance of affordable access. We will continue to collaborate with our key stakeholders to move towards ensuring that all people with severe disease who need our solutions in the countries where we operate, will have access to them – in a way which is viable for patients, for our communities, for society, and for UCB.

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