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Caring for our People

Stronger together, stronger than ever

Stronger together, stronger than ever

To deliver on our ambition to help patients with severe diseases live the lives they want, we need to create the conditions for all UCB employees to thrive. This is also fundamental to achieving sustained business growth for UCB, while also generating wider societal value.

Please note that social risks are reported in the Risk Management section of this report.

Throughout 2020, and the uncertainty generated by the COVID-19 crisis, UCB strived to ensure all employees felt safe and supported at all times, while also enabling their continued work towards improving the lives of patients and making a positive impact on society as a whole.

As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, we implemented a travel ban in March 2020 and requested that all employees who were able to work from home did so, providing them with guidance and information on how to stay as safe as possible. For those employees unable to work remotely, we implemented strict health and safety precautionary measures at all UCB sites, including thorough and more frequent cleaning and disinfection of workplaces, as well as continued adherence to social distance guidelines.

Thanks to our flexible work policy, our IT infrastructure and our employee wellbeing support programs, colleagues were able to continue working to guarantee continued supply of our medicines, whether that was from home or from our production and research centers. We continue to monitor the situation and are adapting our support for employees as needed. We also equipped our leaders to be mindful of the impact of COVID-19 on their team members and to be caring for them, listening to individual situations.

As a pharmaceutical company, we recognize the unique expertise and experience of our colleagues and their ability to play a key role in the fight against COVID-19. To that end, we also facilitated volunteering from medically trained UCB staff wishing to support their local healthcare teams.