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Collaborating for better care

Digitalizing the future of care

Digitalizing the future of care

We have embarked on a new project with , an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) platform, to launch a digital health trial  for myasthenia gravis patients. Our collaboration with, which began with an initial 10-week pilot study collecting information from MG patients via an app, aims to use smartphones to detect voice and facial patterns of people with MG, in order to build an AI model that correlates biomarker signatures with clinical symptoms. The use of AI, which can ensure a more consistent, precise and frequent reading of symptoms than is possible by human observation alone, will help researchers worldwide better understand, identify and distinguish the symptoms of this complex disease, and develop improved treatments. 

“Improving understanding, from a patient perspective, about the day-to-day experience of living with myasthenia gravis is urgently needed. Only then can we focus on improving individual outcomes and experiences.”

Chris, Head of Mission, Rare Diseases, UCB

Meanwhile our collaboration with health research network TriNetX gives us access to a global federated pool of electronic health records (EHR), following due clearance and review. We can now analyze aggregated health data from millions of patients almost in real‐time, including patients with very rare diseases; make and deliver more accurate predictions and realistic clinical study plans; and run trials more efficiently and cost effectively by identifying sites which have a sufficient number of patients.