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Providing access to our solutions​

Supporting better recognition of the value of medicines

Supporting better recognition of the value of medicines

We continue to advocate for society to better recognize the value of medicines and maximize access, while balancing patient and country affordability. We take a value-based approach by defining the value created for specific patients, society, and captured in the healthcare market. This approach includes considering the patients with unmet needs that can benefit from our therapies and focusing on demonstrable value to these patients, improving their lives now and into the future. For new launches, we will continue to use this approach to inform our contracting, linked to evidence that we generate.

In promoting an environment that rewards value and encourages continued innovation, we are committed to ensuring the patient voice and real-world evidence (RWE) are included in healthcare quality measures and value assessments.

To help improve access to UCB medications for patients in the U.S., UCB seeks to engage in value-based contracts (VBCs) that stand behind the proven outcomes of UCB medications while improving access and affordability. This is a cornerstone for how we evaluate VBCs and remains a strategic imperative for deciding to engage in these arrangements. Our VBCs are designed to reinforce positive results for patients and deliver value to the U.S. healthcare system, using a range of performance indicators to assess their impact. UCB has multiple VBCs in place including agreements with influential regional and national payers and Medicaid in the areas of epilepsy and chronic inflammatory conditions.

While the structures of these contracts may vary since they are co-created to meet the unique needs of the patient population and data capabilities of a specific payer, we remain focused on delivering patient-centered solutions and affordable access for patients to the right medicine at the right time. As RWE is an important element of accounting for value, UCB also announced an agreement with Aetion , a leader in RWE, to enhance evidence generation to advance VBCs. Aetion’s analytics capabilities allow us to rapidly respond to queries from payers about the effectiveness and value generated from our products: for instance, we are now able to share relevant analytics with payers within two to three weeks, rather than the three to four months required previously. As part of our digital business transformation, we believe partnerships like this will advance our capabilities in rapid analytics and assessing unmet patient needs faster.