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Caring for the Planet

Caring for the Planet

UCB’s purpose is to create value for patients, now and into the future – and to achieve this, we take a long-term business approach with both current and future generations in mind. This means doing our utmost to minimize our impact on the environment and protect our planet’s health. We deem this essential for us to achieve our wider goal of helping all patients live the lives they aspire to and working toward healthier communities in the countries where we operate. Our efforts in this area also underpin our commitment to UN SDG #3: ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for all at all ages.

Our approach considers the company’s overall footprint, while also addressing the footprint of each solution we bring to the market, so as to understand and address how each asset contributes to our environmental footprint and how we can take steps to reduce this impact accordingly.

Please note that environmental-related risks are reported in the Risk Management section of this report.

“At UCB, every team is contributing, driving reduction and enhancing green awareness to foster everyone’s contributions, improving our facilities, processes and supply, as well as integrating and elevating green criteria into our decision-making.”

Jacques, Head of Manufacturing, Engineering and HSE, UCB