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Progress on our Green Goals

Reducing our water withdrawal

Reducing our water withdrawal

We set our goal to reduce our water withdrawal by 20% by 2030, compared with a 2015 benchmark. Given that our research and development pipeline include several antibodies which involve water-intensive production processes, this is extremely ambitious. Nevertheless, our water withdrawal decreased by 30% in 2020 (compared to 2015). This was partially achieved following the strategic divestiture of manufacturing sites in Seymour (U.S.), Shannon (Ireland) and Monheim (Germany). In 2020, we also implemented water conservation initiatives, which resulted in a recurrent 12 793 m3 of water saved.

In line with GRI standard 303, we have included details regarding the withdrawal of fresh and other water, as well as data regarding the withdrawal of water from sensitive areas. We identified areas with water stress using the Water Risk Atlas as published in the World Resource Institute’s Aqueduct Database. Stress areas withheld are those with a water stress score being “High” or “Extremely High” (which include the UCB locations in Braine, Slough, Brussels (HQ), Polanco, Shanghai, São Paulo, and Moscow).