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Articles overview

Articles overview

1.1 Key highlights

Revenue in 2020 reached € 5 347 million up by 9% (+8% at constant exchange rates (CER)). Net sales went up to € 5 052 million by 8% (+7% CER). Net sales before “designated hedging reclassified to net sales” were up by 5% (+7% CER).

1.2 Key events

There were several key events that have affected or will affect UCB financially:

1.3 Net sales by product

Total net sales in 2020 increased to € 5 052 million, 8% higher than last year or +7% at constant exchange rates (CER; +8% at CER and adjusted for divestiture). Net sales before “designated hedging reclassified to net sales” were up by 5% (+7% CER).

1.4 Net sales by geographical area

U.S. net sales increased to € 2 759 million (+8%; +10% CER). This was driven by the solid growth of Cimzia®, Vimpat® and Briviact® and supported by the launch of Nayzilam®.

1.5 Royalty income and fees

In 2020, royalty income and fees reached € 96 million after € 78 million.

1.6 Other revenue

Other revenue went up to € 200 million or by (+28%).

1.7 Gross profit

In 2020, gross profit reached € 3 984 million – and a slightly improved gross margin of 74.5% after 74.2 % in 2019.

1.8 Adjusted EBIT and adjusted EBITDA

Operating expenses, encompassing marketing and selling expenses, research and development expenses, general and administrative expenses and other operating income/expenses, went up to € 2 891 million reflecting digital business transformation,

1.9 Profit

Total impairment, restructuring and other income/expenses (-) amounted to € 122 million expenses (after an expense of € 50 million in 2019), including fees related to the acquisitions (refer to 1.2.

1.10 Core EPS

The profit attributable to UCB shareholders, adjusted for the after-tax impact of to be adjusted items, the financial one-offs, the after-tax contribution from discontinued operations and the net amortization of intangibles linked to sales, amounted

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