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1. Business performance review

1.14 Outlook 2021

1.14 Outlook 2021

For 2021, UCB is aiming for revenues in the range of € 5.45 - 5.65 billion due to the current core product growth and new patient populations being served, despite of the ongoing pandemic. UCB will continue to advance its late stage development pipeline and prepare upcoming launches to offer potential new solutions for patients.

Underlying profitability, adjusted EBITDA, is expected in the range of 27–28% of revenue, reflecting the high R&D and marketing & sales investment levels. Core earnings per share are therefore expected in the range of € 5.60 – €6.10 per share based on an average of 189 million shares outstanding.

Based on UCB’s current assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic, UCB remains confident in the fundamental underlying demand for its products and its prospects for long-term growth. UCB will continue to closely follow evolving COVID-19 pandemic diligently to assess potential near- and mid-term challenges.

The figures of the outlook 2021 as mentioned above were calculated on the same basis as the actual figures for 2020.