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3. Notes

1. General information

1. General information

UCB SA/NV (UCB or the Company) and its subsidiaries (together the Group) is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on severe diseases in two main therapeutic areas, namely Neurology and Immunology.

The consolidated financial statements of the Company as at and for the year ended December 31, 2020 comprise the Company and its subsidiaries. Within the Group, UCB Pharma SA, UCB S.R.O and UCB Inc., all wholly owned subsidiaries, have branches in the U.K., Slovakia and Puerto Rico, respectively, that are integrated into their accounts. UCB Biopharma SRL has set up a new branch in the U.K. on November 12, 2020. The branch is operational as from January 1, 2021.

UCB SA/NV, the parent company, is a limited liability company incorporated and domiciled in Belgium.

The registered office is at 60, Allée de la Recherche, B-1070 Brussels, Belgium. UCB SA is listed on the Euronext Brussels Stock Exchange.

The Board of Directors approved these consolidated financial statements and the statutory financial statements of UCB SA for issue on February 25, 2021. The shareholders will be requested to approve the statutory financial statements of UCB SA at their annual meeting on April 29, 2021.