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30. Bonds

30.1 Retail bonds

30.1 Retail bonds

Matured in 2020:

In March 2020, UCB repaid the € 250 million retail bonds in full.

Maturing in 2023:

During October 2009, UCB completed a public offering of € 750 million fixed rate bonds, carrying a coupon and an effective interest rate of 5.75% per annum, and aimed at retail investors.

During September 2013, UCB launched an unconditional public exchange offer for a maximum of € 250 million out of the € 750 million retail bonds maturing in November 2014 and having a gross coupon of 5.75%. The existing bondholders had the opportunity to exchange their existing bonds against newly issued bonds maturing October 2023 in an exchange ratio of 1 to 1. These bonds carry a coupon of 5.125% per annum while their effective interest rate is 5.398% per annum.

At the end of the exchange period, 175 717 existing bonds were tendered in the exchange offer, representing a nominal amount of € 176 million.

The 175 717 new bonds were issued in October 2013 and have been listed on Euronext Brussels. The existing bonds exchanged in the exchange offer were cancelled by UCB. The outstanding 574 283 of the retail bonds matured and have been redeemed in November 2014.