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34. Provisions

34.3 Other provisions

34.3 Other provisions

Other provisions relate mainly to:

  • provisions for litigations that comprise mainly provisions where UCB or a subsidiary is or might be a defendant against claims of previous employees;

  • product liability provisions that pertain to the risks related to the normal course of business and for which the Group might be liable by selling these kinds of drugs. UCB is currently defendant in several product liability cases in France in respect of Distilbène, a former product of the UCB Group. The claimants in these actions claim that their mothers took Distilbène during their pregnancy and that as a result of this they suffered bodily injuries (see note 43.3 ). The provision in respect of Distilbène increased by € 21 million to a total of € 133 million (2019: increase by € 13 million to a total of € 112 million) to reflect the net estimated future cash outflows. The provision was discounted using a discount rate of -0.34% (2019: 0.07%). If the discount rate would be 25 basis points lower, the provision would increase by € 3 million, at 0% discount rate the provision would decrease with € 4 million;

  • provisions for restoration costs for leased buildings due to the adoption of IFRS 16 (€ 10 million) (2019: € 10 million) (see Note 40 );

  • provisions in respect of the recoverability of non-income tax receivables.

An assessment is performed with respect to the above-mentioned risks together with the Group legal advisers and experts in the different domains.