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44. Related party transactions

44.1 Related party transactions

44.1 Related party transactions

During the financial years ended December 31, 2020 and 2019, all intra-UCB Group transactions were carried out based on assessments of mutual economic benefit to the parties involved, and the applicable conditions were established in accordance with criteria of at arm’s length negotiations and fair dealing, and with a view to creating value for the entire UCB Group. Conditions governing intra-UCB Group transactions were similar to conditions governing third-party transactions.

With regard to the sale of intermediary and finished products, these criteria were in most cases achieved by increasing each party’s respective production cost by an at arm’s length profit margin. With regard to intra-UCB Group services rendered, these criteria are accompanied by the principle of charging fees sufficient to cover each party’s respective incurred costs and an at arm’s length mark-up. Intra-Group transactions carried out within the UCB Group constitute standard transactions for a biopharmaceutical group. These transactions include the purchase and sale of intermediary and finished medical products, deposits and loans for UCB Group affiliates as well as functions and activities carried out by the UCB Group in order to optimize operations.