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Adapting for Better Care

Integrated Annual Report 2020

Welcome to our Integrated Annual Report 2020!

Our Integrated Annual Report 2020 – Adapting for Better Care – aims to provide all interested stakeholders with the best possible information on how UCB is creating value for patients with severe diseases and about how we care for our employees, for communities, and for our planet, now and into the future.

UCB At a Glance

We aspire to give people with severe diseases the freedom to live their best lives, while also creating value for society.

Caring for Patients

We put patients and their individual experiences at the heart of everything we do – from developing differentiated solutions for specific patient populations, to providing access for those who need them.

Caring for our People

Creating the culture for UCB colleagues to thrive, and caring for each other, is essential for delivering on our patient value ambition and for generating wider societal value. 

Caring for Communities

We want to make a positive impact for the local communities where we live and work, while also playing our part in improving global health. 

Caring for the Planet

Human health and the health of our planet are deeply intertwined. We’re reducing our environmental footprint across our business activities and operations, keeping in mind both current and future generations.

Our Governance

Conducting business in a responsible way that drives ethical behavior is fundamental to our continued success and to delivering on commitments to our stakeholders.


Reaching our financial ambitions goes hand-in-hand with our focus on sustainability. In 2020, we continued to grow our business, achieving a strong financial performance.

Data and Reporting

We report on our progress in environmental, social, governance and financial topics. Tracking our performance is crucial in informing our decisions.

About this report

This Integrated Annual Report 2020 includes the management report in accordance with article 12 of the Royal Decree of 14 November 2007 relating to the obligations of issuers of financial instruments admitted to trading on a regulated market. All information required to be included in such management report pursuant to articles 3:6 and 3:32 of the Belgian Code of Companies and Associations (i.e. Corporate Governance Statement – Remuneration Report included -, Business Performance Review and UCB’s Statement on extra-financial1 information) is reported throughout all different sections of this Integrated Annual Report. This Integrated Annual Report together with the materiality assessment have been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Standards core option and extra-financial information is audited by a third party.

  • 1 ‘Extra-financial’ is the term used by UCB for information commonly referred to as ‘non-financial’.