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1. Business conduct

1.4 Promoting and embracing ethical behaviors

1.4 Promoting and embracing ethical behaviors

As from 2018, UCB developed and established Guidelines for “Ethical Decision Making” (“EDM”). EDM Guidelines are a set of practical tools and behaviors that empower colleagues to (1) identify an ethical dilemma; (2) explore the impacts of their choices on stakeholders, not limiting to the immediate impact but considering the impact and perception over time and for future generations; and (3) engage colleagues in conversations to resolve ethical dilemmas. These guidelines have been rolled out amongst UCB leadership over 2018 and applied while facing ethical dilemmas in the course of 2019. Awareness in the broader UCB organization had continued and has been supported by various communications and supporting tools (videos, case discussions, etc.) in 2020. Having in mind the importance of our decisions while facing dilemmas beyond ethics and as an element of our Patient Value Strategy, the EDM tools have been evolved towards “Decision Dilemma” tools (DDT), expanding their relevance and use to support our middle and long term strategy.

UCB leaders and employees are encouraged to transparently share their dilemmas and engage to resolve these. These dilemmas are broadly shared across UCB, further demonstrating how we operate our UCB values.

UCB colleagues can submit reports of concerns or misconduct in any of the following ways: (1) directly to their supervisor or manager, (2) to Ethics & Compliance, (3) to their local Talent team, or (4) to the Legal Affairs Department, as appropriate. In addition, UCB maintains the UCB Integrity Line™ for individuals to submit reports. The Integrity Line is comprised of a confidential secure website and toll-free telephone numbers that are managed by an independent third-party agency. It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and in 56 languages for online reporting and 134 country options for telephone reports. UCB has procedures in place for reporting concerns and misconduct, mechanisms for capturing reports, and the handling and investigation reports.