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2. Risk management

2.2 Process and framework

2.2 Process and framework

Engaging with key representatives from all operational, functional and strategic business areas, risks are identified and assessed by each business area and the respective leadership team. In addition, a “top-down/outside-in” assessment is conducted to complete a holistic risk profile.

To maximize the impact, top risks are connected to the strategic priorities. An understanding of both how the risk is trending and how well UCB is prepared to respond, is communicated to and discussed with both, our Executive Committee and our Board of Directors. The risks we face are evolving, thus our approach to management of these risks is dynamic, allowing for new or changed risks to be assessed and reassessed throughout the year.

Governance and oversight

UCB continues to demonstrate its commitment to managing uncertainty by creating accountability at the top and driving action by the business. Every top risk is owned by a member of the Executive Committee. That member is accountable for understanding the nature of the risk and enable our response to it.