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How we work

Our ambition for patients

Our ambition for patients

We have a fundamental commitment to enabling people living with severe diseases, their caregivers, and their families to live their best lives. We continuously innovate to bring differentiated solutions with unique outcomes, which help specific patients achieve their life goals and create the best individual experience for them. This also means ensuring access for all who need these solutions, in a way which is viable for patients, society, and UCB.

To fulfil our ambition for patients we must create the right conditions for employees, the communities in which we operate, and all our stakeholders, including our shareholders. We also recognize the essential link between human health and the health of the planet, and we are taking action to minimize our environmental footprint.

Improving the lives of patients with severe diseases and fostering healthier societies overall is an endeavor far greater than any one company. This is why we collaborate and partner with a wide range of stakeholders, from other companies to academic and research institutions, in order to achieve our ambition for patients.

Creating value now and into the future

Our Patient Value Strategy is the driver of UCB’s performance. We place patients and their individual experiences at the heart of everything we do – from discovery to development to delivery. We leverage these insights to inform our science and develop innovative and differentiated solutions for specific patient populations.

Our goal is to be the leader in five specific patient populations by 2025:

  1. Patients living with partial onset/focal epileptic seizures

  2. Patients living with psoriatic arthritis

  3. Women of childbearing age living with immuno-inflammation and/or epilepsy

  4. Patients experiencing osteoporosis-related fractures

  5. Patients living with myasthenia gravis

To get there we are focused on three strategic imperatives:

Keep patients and innovation at the core of our activities

Remain connected to the world and generate value for society

Leverage our leadership and capabilities

To create value for patients, we must maintain our focus on patients’ expressed unmet needs and continue developing and investing in state-of-the-art scientific platforms and medical advances.

We embrace the latest medical science, as well as technological advances such as artificial intelligence, to address evolving societal challenges. Our research and our partnerships are key to delivering on the promise of these developments.

We are building on our legacy and expertise in immunology and neurology by expanding our leadership and strategic capabilities in new areas and further cultivating our patient-centric culture.

Our approach to achieving this 2025 goal is divided into three phases:

  • “Grow and Prepare” from 2014-2018

  • “Accelerate and Expand” from 2019-2021

  • “Breakthrough and Lead” from 2022-2025

2020 marked the halfway point of the second phase, and of the overall strategy. As we approach 2025, we are excited about a number of upcoming developments that will see us move even closer towards our goal, while continuing to create value for patients, now and into the future.